Tuesday, May 19, 2009

time flies...

...when your having fun. Or when you are watching your baby boy grow up too fast. Tonight we put him to bed in his own room. For a while now I've been saying we were going to do it, but I kept putting it off because I just wasn't ready to have him down the hall. However, I know in the long run it'll be better this way - we won't have to fight to get him into a routine when he's older if we have a good one now. So we gave him bath, Lollie read him a bedtime story over the webcam, he ate and passed out, then Daddy carried him upstairs and put him to bed. Of course I had to check the monitor and watch him sleep for a while - and of course take pictures of this important event - and now he is sound asleep in his own bed.

We are still working in the backyard - Jess just finished building a planter box on the front of the deck and it is really starting to shape up.

Today Jess sent me flowers at work and the card read simply "just because"... how sweet is he??

My first Mother's Day was great, we spent it in Victoria with the family. We ended up having Mother's Day with my Mom at the hospital, but it was fun - we are really good at making the best of a not so great situation. Jake had a ton of fun all day visiting with all the family - he had so much that he really did not want to ride back to Austin that night, which made our trip home rough, but we survived it!

Oh and I think Jacob is working on a tooth! It hasn't popped through yet, but he's been fussy, drooling, putting everything in his mouth - including his hands - CONSTANTLY! So wish us luck.

until next time...