Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hi. My name is Sara and I have a project addiction...

So those of you who know me well know that I am the queen of creating a HUGE creative project for any event I am involved in and waiting until the absolute last minute to complete said project. This Christmas was no exception to that rule - luckily I suppose I married a man who puts up with my addiction and in fact is quite the enabler. I suppose my saving grace is that I am really good at finishing projects - it may be right up to the wire, but they always get done! I can't disclose the particulars of this years project because many of you who read this might be receiving it, but it is really cool!

I thought it might be fun to recount some of my craziness...
- The wedding is a good one to start with - the whole thing from beginning to end was one big nutty project - from the hand made invitations, to the hand painted frames for every table, it was something else!

- One Christmas I baked for everyone.... fudge and cookies and I don't even remember what else. Everything had to be in a tin, so we drove all over creation looking for neat tins...

- There was also the Christmas of the homemade bows...

- I remember when I was a kid trying to melt crayons to make candles for gifts... lol.

- There was also the year that I went through my parents old photo albums and picked out a picture for every family member and then got a matching frame for it. That one was a real hit, except for when my parents realized I gave away a bunch of their pictures - oooops!

So even though I may be a little nutty I always mean well! With this years Christmas project all done I just have to sit and wait and pray that it or they or whatever get here in time! Maybe I should start thinking for next year now to avoid all the mayhem - of course then it probably wouldn't feel like Christmas.

Well I don't have any pics of those projects, but here are some pictures from the past...

Last Christmas...
Jake got more stuff last year than we did - and he wasn't even born yet.

I miss Mom.

This looks a little more like me...

Jake wore the blue set home from the hospital!

Jake is in there - I barely recognize myself!

Christmas '07

Christmas '06

This was when we moved into the our house on Christmas day - talk about craziness!!
Christmas '05

...Last but not least...

This is our first family Christmas picture!

Friday, November 27, 2009


To be honest I don't even know what to say here - this year was the weirdest Thanksgiving of my life. This is the first year we had Thanksgiving without Mom, which in and of itself is depressing, but luckily I didn't really have time to get depressed! I ended up working Thanksgiving from 4pm-2am and then I was back at work at 11am-10pm on Friday - this was great opportunity for some extra cash, but kept us home for Thanksgiving. We ended up cooking and having Dad, Arnold, my Grandma and Jess' Dad all here. Jess fried a turkey and we all had a nice time, but I couldn't seem to enjoy it like I normally would time with family. It could have been the impending doom working the holiday, but I'm pretty sure it was because such an important part of my world was missing. I know that this holiday season is going to be hard, but it I am determined to keep my head up. The best thing that could have happened to me was to have Jacob because I would be lost in a sea of darkness if it wasn't for his amazing smile and the constant joy that he brings us. Thanksgiving may have passed with little more than a whisper of glee, but I have faith that it will return to the joyous family time I remember.

I think the first order of business to getting ready to really enjoy Jacob's first Christmas is to get out all of the decorations tomorrow and start creating our own winter wonderland! Well, maybe not quite that, but it is definitely time to get out the lights and to trim a tree!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Time?! What is that again?

It has been the busiest, well... hmm... I don't even know how long, but I feel like I have been ridiculously busy for as long as I can remember! First the great news... I am going to be officially working for Apple come this Monday! Basically I was working for Volt, which is a temp agency that hires for Apple, but all they do is get you in the door, getting hired by Apple is all on you. So about 2 months after I started there was a job posting for my job via Apple, and I figured what the hey - I'll apply! Well while I was gone to Victoria for that almost 2 weeks they conducted interviews and I MISSED THEM! So AHHHHH! However, I managed to get my interview after I got back, and on Tues they offered me a job! The best part is that I will have rocking insurance - oh and job security!

So in Jake news... he's talking! Well, he's been babbling forever, but he has def mastered Da-Da and according to Jess he said Ma-ma while I was at work tonight - so while Jess was trying to get him to do it for me he says "Remember Mama - the one with the red hair and the boobies....". Gotta love how a man thinks (not to mention explains it to our 8 month old little man). I am hoping to hear Ma-ma tomorrow :). He is also crawling like a little speed demon, getting into EVERYTHING, loves outlets, and is pulling up and scooting around while holding onto stuff. I am dreading, but yet hoping he walks soon. Dreading because my baby is so not a baby anymore and I don't look forward to trying to keep up with him, but happy because he is freaking HEAVY now!

A couple of weeks ago Amanda Galbraith became Amanda Andrasko after tying the knot with Matthew! The wedding was wonderful and we had a great time at the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party!

Jake looked so CUTE!

The same weekend Wendy was in town for a different bachelorette party - she looks amazing btw!

I was going to make Jake a pumpkin costume for Halloween, but alas there is no time... there's never any time... (love Saved by the Bell)... Anyways, so he's going to be a pirate instead!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Missing her...

So I don't really have the energy to tell the whole story here, but basically the day after my last post Mom went downhill fast and passed away with family around her on Oct 1 at 7:30 in evening. Since then I have been wandering through life in a haze. I know she is gone - I was there for her last breath, but still I can't even believe it. It hits me like little punches to the gut, strong enough to make me want to collapse, but that isn't an option. There isn't much collapsing one can do with a busy 8 month old who needs me to take care of him, not to mention other things I have committed to. I keep telling myself at some point it will all hit me, but I don't know if that is true anymore - I think this is how it will probably be forever - I'll be going about life and then I'll see her smiling face and realize once again that she is gone and there is nothing I can do about it.

Boy oh boy does that suck.

The craziest part of all of this is that I have so much actually going my way at the moment and I am having one hell of a time figuring out what to do with that. It looks like my job situation at Apple is going to work out, but nothing official yet, Jake is the most amazing little boy - I can't imagine my life without him, Jess and I are strong and happy. I'm broke as a joke, but what else is new? I'm a little lonely, but I just joined a mom's group so I am hoping that maybe we'll find some new friends with kids.

I don't really know - I'm missing her and I hurt for my Dad and Brother. I can sense that she is with me sometimes - and that is comforting, but then I have that realization that she really is gone all over again.

I know I just have to keep moving - and I will, but geez... I just need a day off from life.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amazing Woman = My Mother

Longest. Week. Ever. Oh wait - it hasn't even been a week yet. So, it all started with the call I have been dreading for years now - Arnold calling to tell me that Mom was in ICU after having to be revived. WHAT?! This wasn't supposed to happen anytime in the near future. Sure I know all the "realities" about MS, but she's always been a miracle, never fit in with the norm. I leave work, get in the car with whatever we could grab and speed home. The whole way I remember thinking that this can't be happening, she'll be ok, she always is, I couldn't believe this was happening. We get to Victoria and I find out Dad had to revoke her DNR, but had since reinstated it and that we basically had no idea what was happening with her, but her fever was over 102 with no signs of decreasing.

So the back story - my mother has had symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis for almost 40 years. It all began with dropping plates while setting the table for dinner when she was about 19 and not knowing she had dropped them until they hit the floor. She went on to marry my Dad, and then in 1979 gave birth to my brother, shortly there after she was officially diagnosed with it and then in 1983 they found out they were having me! Unfortunately while she was pregnant with me she was falling pretty regularly and so they decided for my safety it was time to put her into a wheelchair and she basically never made it out of the chair. Mom has had been an amazing example to anyone who is suffering with something like MS, because she never gave up. She is a fighter to the core. Over the last year or so her health has really deteriorated, she has probably been in the hospital more than she has been out of it. My Dad decided a couple of months ago that he was doing her more harm that good by keeping her at home and after that hospital visit we made the really rough choice to put her in a nursing home.

For anyone who knows me you can imagine how much that tore me apart. Jess and I were trying to figure out if it would be possible to just pick up and move back, but we knew that that was really not a good option for us. We have a life and a home and jobs in Austin, so we were stuck in a really unhappy place. However, the plan was to get her strong enough to be able to handle staying at home with Dad and then bring her home. The hardest part about the whole situation was that she really HATED the nursing home, but we had just run out of options.

So we visited with her - cried a lot during the visits, but they were very limited and she was still running a very high fever and was basically in a coma with a tube down her throat helping keep her airway clear. Poor Arnold was sick with the flu and unable to even come to hospital for fear of getting all of us sick so we were down a very important person. I also found out that Dad revoked the DNR because she was unable to breathe in the ER after they had been moving her around for tests while she was having multiple seizures. The 2nd day of this was Monday - we got up at 5 so we could be at the hospital at 6 for the first visit - things were looking pretty bleak at that point. The doctors had no idea what was causing the fever, it wasn't her bladder as it normally is, and they could not get the fever to come down. At some point in the morning Dad and I were approached by the Palliative Group from the hospital - they are basically hospice for the hospital - they help get information from the doctors and then make suggestions. However, the most important thing we found out from them was that they were certain she was not going to come out of this, to say our goodbyes and come to peace with it because she wanted to be let go when it was her time.

Fast-forward to later that night - my mom's sister Sara (who I was named after), my Uncle Rick, my Grandma, my Aunt Susan and her hubby all came to see her that night. Everyone left and the next visit we talked to the pulmonary doctor who said that basically her throat is so broken down from the MS that she would not live much longer unless we did a tracheotomy at some point in the near future, which we knew she would not want. Dad and I were sitting in the waiting room talking with Aunt Sara when we decided Arnold needed to be a part of the conversation regarding what to do next so we called him and I called Jess - we all talked and decided we had no option but to follow through with what she wanted so we are sitting here and a nurse comes running out of ICU - Mom was having trouble breathing and she needed to know how far we wanted her to go to keep her alive. So we figured that this was her way of making it easy on us and we told them to let her go.

I have never cried so hard in my life. I couldn't handle it so they went in to be with her while Jess and I stayed outside. However, like I said before - my mother is an AMAZING woman who is a fighter. They took off the oxygen and she had trouble, but she fought through it and was breathing better off the oxygen than she had been before. They had told us without the oxygen she would pass away relatively quickly, but she was doing so good that they the only way we could stay with her was to move her to a regular room.

Another amazing thing happened - once she was in the regular room her fever started to drop... slowly, but by the morning it was steady at about 99*. Aunt Sara, Dad and I stayed with her that night, basically just watching her breathe and being shocked by all of it. However, she was still totally out of it and struggling to breathe. After speaking with the dr that morning we took her off the meds she was on because it was a waiting game - she wasn't going to make it, there was no way. We were all at peace with it, knew that it was just her time, but apparently she knew better.

Over the last 2 days she has not been on any meds other than morphine and she has slowly come back to us. She pretty much always remembers Dad, but she doesn't always know me. If you explain to her she seems to understand who we are, but it is still a little hard to know. However, the most amazing thing of all if after days of not talking she is desperate to talk to us - she was able to tell us she wanted "home health at home" which is impossible, but it means one very important thing - she understands what is going on.

Tomorrow we hope to restart her on her meds and see how far she can bounce back. I know that every moment she stays with us is a gift, our fighter decided that she wasn't ready to go and we are going to try to let her make some decisions on her own if she can tomorrow.

I'm at peace with all of it now, I know that whatever happens we are all going to be ok and that she absolutely knows how much I love her and how amazing she is. She still doesn't know who Jake is, but as her memory returns I hope that piece will fit. However, she loves him deep down and he had always been drawn to her even with the little they have been able to interact with each other. I hope that whatever happens, we make the right decisions. I pray that the Lord will clear the way and give peace to all those around her and most importantly to her.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. I'm too tired to go back and read all of this, so if you make it all the way to the end that you will forgive all the spelling/grammer/etc errors.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Missing in action...

I promise that I have not fallen off of the face of the earth... I have been so ridiculously busy that I hardly have time to think straight! Jake is amazing and wonderful - everyday I take one look at him and just can't believe how fantastic he is! Anyways - biggest milestone to date - my little man is crawling!! You have to keep an eye on him because he is also now pulling himself up on EVERYTHING! (not to mention falling backward and banging his head, but he's got to start somewhere) I also started my REAL schedule at Apple, so I am home with him during the day and then work 3-midnight. It is great to have so much time with him again, but hard at the same time because I don't get as much time with Jess. However, all in all I absolutely love it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE working at Apple - the people are all so nice - it is such a wonderful and supportive environment. I feel like I am a major part of Jake's life again - I was missing him so much when I was working days.

On to the less the wonderful things that are going on... well Jake gave us quite a scare by running a really high fever one night a few weeks ago. After having a ton of tests done they determined that he has an issue with reflux of urine in his bladder which caused him to have a bladder infection. We are going to see the Urologist on Tuesday so we should have a plan of action and more details then.

The other major thing is that my mom is now in a nursing home. She just wasn't healthy enough for my dad to be able to take care of her after all the recent hospital stays. I think there is very good chance that she will be able to get strong enough to come home, but a big part of that is up to her. I am seriously worried because she seems to have given up to me - I worry that she thinks this is it for her, which kills me. If you know me at all you know that a nursing home is that LAST place I would ever want my mom to be, but sometimes we can't get what we want. So I'm praying that she will believe us when we tell her that she can go home and that she will find the will to fight for her life. I keep thinking that if she sees Jake enough that she will do it for him, but I have figured out that she has to decide to do it for herself. My heart just breaks for her and for my Dad - he is really acting tough, but I know it has been really hard on him too.

Well I intended this to be a short, quick update and instead I have just unloaded via blog. On that note I am off to bed. I know I say this every post, but I would like to keep this up - so I'm renewing my intention to post regularly!

See you soon blog world.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Working hard or hardly working...

...that is the name of the game in my world these days. I love working at Apple, it is so nice to actually be in a place that people are happy to be here and not everyone is looking for a new job. However, the training can be a little boring - I'm sitting around not doing a whole lot a LOT of the time, but I'm learning and feeling good about the future here.

Jake is adjusting pretty well - I think this is harder on me than it is on him. His sitter is keeping him at our house for now (hopefully forever) so that has made the adjustment a lot easier. At home is where I feel like I'm really working hard these days, just trying to keep everything going and get to bed at a decent hour is a little tough, but I think soon I'll be adjusted and I won't even remember what it was like before - of course then they will probably change my schedule again.

Brittany decided that she wanted to make Jacob's baby food so we spent the weekend trying to figure that out. The first batch was red bell peppers - Jake tried them last night and seemed to dig them, but I think we'll hold off on more of that until he has tried a few more things. I was pretty relieved at how easy it seems to make it yourself. You just boil/steam the fruit or veggies - we had to run the bell peppers through the food processor and then once they were pretty mushy run them through the baby food mill. After the food is good and mushy I pour it into ice trays and freeze them in the deep freeze - pop the cubes out and put it in a freezer bag with what it is and the date. Then I have neat little pre-portioned servings and I pop a couple into little tupperware containers and put them in the fridge to thaw. I don't think there is anything wrong with the jar food, but with Brittany's help I think we can save some money and we know exactly what he is getting. We'll see!!

Jacob is scooting around pretty well these days - not quite crawling, but making me have to think about baby-proofing - AHHHH!!!

Stay tuned for pics...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Goodbye Home Depot... Hello APPLE!

Tomorrow is my last day working at the Home Depot and I could not be happier! I am thankful for that fact that when I was 4 months pregnant and in need of a job I was able to get one without any trouble at depot, but after months of drama and trouble I am so glad to be starting fresh somewhere. I will be starting at Apple on Friday as a "Mac Expert" in sales. I CAN'T wait!! There will be a month of training and then I'll be taking incoming calls trying to sell sell sell! I don't know my schedule quite yet - it is going to fluctuate some over the next few months, but soon I'm sure it will all settle and I will be working in a place where the employees are appreciated! I am going back to full time work - so I am going to miss my sweet little boy, but in the long run this will be much better for our family. So I only have to work 6 more hours for depot and then they can kiss my butt goodbye!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Crazy Busy Month!

It has been one heck of a month!! We spent weeks preparing for our 4th of July party - which thanks to all of Jess' hard work went really great! We had fajitas, fireworks and a ton of fun!!

Jake has been busy growing! At his 4 month appt he was about 18 and half lbs and 26 inches long - off the charts! Right after he turned 4 months I walked into his room in the middle of the night and discovered him on his tummy! He has been rolling over ever since!

That is how I found him!! ^^

Jake saw his first train! Aunt Nancy took the amtrak to California and we took her to the station - it was really neat once the train finally got there!

Jess and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary June 25th - we decided to check out the Watermelon Thump in Luling to celebrate and boy was is HOT!! We only lasted a couple of hours and then headed home.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Last year this time - just a few days before my birthday we found out that we were pregnant. I remember thinking at the time that I could not believe that it was finally happening - we had tried for so long and then given up, but then it happened completely unexpectedly. Boy oh boy has life changed over the past year! Pregnancy...let's just say it was not my FAVORITE thing ever... ok I was miserable! Then we got our little miracle and he never stops amazing me. He is almost 4 months now - has cut is first 2 teeth - is over 18 lbs - laughs and smiles constantly - has just found his feet (which are a constant amazement to him)... So I could not be happier to be turning 26 today - I think this is going to be a GREAT year!

Teeth! If you look really close you can kinda see the first one! :)

Jacob on Memorial Day

Playing with Daddy on 6/7/09

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

time flies...

...when your having fun. Or when you are watching your baby boy grow up too fast. Tonight we put him to bed in his own room. For a while now I've been saying we were going to do it, but I kept putting it off because I just wasn't ready to have him down the hall. However, I know in the long run it'll be better this way - we won't have to fight to get him into a routine when he's older if we have a good one now. So we gave him bath, Lollie read him a bedtime story over the webcam, he ate and passed out, then Daddy carried him upstairs and put him to bed. Of course I had to check the monitor and watch him sleep for a while - and of course take pictures of this important event - and now he is sound asleep in his own bed.

We are still working in the backyard - Jess just finished building a planter box on the front of the deck and it is really starting to shape up.

Today Jess sent me flowers at work and the card read simply "just because"... how sweet is he??

My first Mother's Day was great, we spent it in Victoria with the family. We ended up having Mother's Day with my Mom at the hospital, but it was fun - we are really good at making the best of a not so great situation. Jake had a ton of fun all day visiting with all the family - he had so much that he really did not want to ride back to Austin that night, which made our trip home rough, but we survived it!

Oh and I think Jacob is working on a tooth! It hasn't popped through yet, but he's been fussy, drooling, putting everything in his mouth - including his hands - CONSTANTLY! So wish us luck.

until next time...

Monday, April 27, 2009

An update...

Ok so I kinda suck at this! I can't seem the keep it up, but I'm going to keep at it and one of these days I will get into a regular routine - a routine for my life in general... So anyways - I went back to work last week and while it has been really hard I think we will survive it. The first day was the hardest - tears pretty much all day, but after that first day it has become easier day by day.

Jake is growing like a weed - at his 2 month appointment he was 14 lbs 9 oz, 23 1/2" long and his head is 40.8 cm in diameter, which means he was above the 95th percentile in weight and the 75th percentile in the others. What can I say - he's just a big kid!

We went to Victoria for Easter and really enjoyed ourselves with our very own little Easter bunny!

A few weeks ago Jess, Jason and our neighbor John starting tearing apart our deck in an effort to repair the hot tub surround - so while it is still in the works there has been a lot of good work done in our backyard! Hopefully we will be able to fire up the hot tub sometime this week and soon there will be a party to celebrate!

Jake helping with the work!



Stay tuned for the AFTER!

Jason and Brittany got married last Friday - the wedding was a big success! Laura came to Austin and took care of the baby on Thursday and all day at the wedding on Friday. Brittany looked absolutely gorgeous and I guess I have to say that Jason looked pretty handsome as well. Jess got to catch up with a bunch of his guy friends from back home, so all in all everyone had a great time.