Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 26

I'm currently facing a serious burn out...  I've determined that I just need to accomplish SOMETHING!

I have a ton of unfinished stuff and zero motivation to get anything accomplished.

Tonight, I am going to work on a gift that has to be finished by the weekend, my goal is to finish that tonight and then work on picking up the house tomorrow.

Typically, I work best under pressure, so we'll see how much I get done!

May 25

I love my job most days...

Today is not one of those days...

Today I am totally stress eating, which is a whole extra issue that I really need to start working on!

May 24

Today was just not a great day...

I ended up staying home from work, which I believe everyone in my house really needed.

I got to witness a couple of amazing things....

1. Jess was putting our sweet little boy to bed and I overheard their bedtime routine.  Every night my adorable husband tells my son about each person who loves him... starting with his Mommy and Daddy, his Lollie and Grandpa in Victoria, his Grandma in Heaven and so on...  I couldn't help myself - I just cried tears of love for both of those boys.  One little one, who will never be short on love... and the big one, who  will never know just how much I love and appreciate him.

2. Jake went to bed tonight without even fussing - CRAZY!  Not a cry, not a whine, just quiet talking to himself and then quite sleeping baby...  You could have knocked me over with a feather! If only nap time was going so well!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 23

Last night, since Laura was in town and spending the night, Jess and I decided to go see a movie. - YAY!  We just really don't get to do that very often so it is lovely when we do.  The sad part is that we were both so tired from the day that we were seriously home and in bed by 12:30 AM.

Yesterday, after shopping with Lollie, we went home and pulled out the pool and some other water stuff, started the bubble machines and had a blast with the some of the neighbor kids... 

One of the few times I didn't take any pictures - darn!

May 22

Lollie brought Jake some cool new shoes today!!  Here are some shots of Jake and Lollie...




That's Daddy sneaking in to steal a kiss...


May 21

Well, we got up at 7 AM or so and headed to Waco.  It was a little sunny and hot, but all in all I think we got some great shots.  I haven't edited them yet, but here are a few...




May 20

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!  Fridays are starting to be like that it seems...

Anyways, tomorrow morning Jake and I are going to Waco to take Graduation pictures of my cousin.  We ran out of time on the day of her graduation to take them, so hopefully tomorrow the weather and Jake will cooperate into some good shots...

May 19

Today we had complete and absolute nap FAILURE.

Tomorrow we will try again...

On a good note, bedtime is still going really well!  It goes to show that our munchkin thrives on routine.  We have had a great routine ever since he was about 4 months old and we moved him into his room. First bath, then story, then boob and bed, it worked beautifully.  When I started working nights I would come home on my lunch hour to nurse him and put him to bed - I usually had time to get him down, eat and get back to work within the hour.

Now that we are weaning him Jess is following the same routine, less the milk.  Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks I will be able to go home before bedtime and we can start having dinner as a family.

It has been a long time in the making, but this time I think both Jake and Jess were ready and I could not be more proud of my boys!!

May 18

Jacob wants to be JUST like his Daddy.



(these are black and white because Daddy doesn't know how to work the camera. ;) )

May 17

Seriously I can't express how much of a waste Monday's are for me.  Technically it is my Tuesday at work, but it STILL feels like Monday, which makes it just a 2nd MONDAY!

What always happens is I am so tired from the weekend that I always end up just being completely lazy all morning and then scrambling to get Jake and myself out the door!

The only difference today was that Jake took a nap again in his own bed!  It is a strange and marvelous thing.  I know it is silly, but I do miss him when he is sleeping, but I just keep reminding myself that he is getting sleep that he needs to grow and to not be a big pain to his sitter and Daddy.

I guess if these long naps keep up I might actually be able to get things accomplished during the day.

Imagine that...

May 16

Today is a BIG day for Jake!

He is such a big boy that we are trying to get him to nap in his OWN bed and Daddy is going to start putting him to bed at night without me.

Today and tonight both went really well - a moderate amount of crying both times, but we expected that.  However, the most amazing thing happened... my "cat napper" took at 2+ hour nap!

CRAZY! He usually sleeps maybe 45 mins and it is always a struggle to get him to sleep.

We'll see how this goes...

May 15

My cousin Christen graduated from Baylor today with a 4.0!


I ended up being the designated photographer, so here are a couple of my shots from the day...

 Here's a sample... :)


I have been completely overwhelmed in the world of photo editing, so you only get a sneak peak... eventually I'll get them edited and post some more.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 14

Friday - YAY!

I usually like to take Friday's pretty easy - picking up at the house, going to see Jess at his work, that kind of stuff.

Today, was anything but taking it easy!  I had a lunch date with a friend, then a work "team builder" at Dart Bowl (btw - drinking in the afternoon on Apple's dime did not improve my bowling score AT ALL), then to pick up a friend from an appointment, and finally I ran around like a crazy person trying to find a belt to complete an outfit...

WHEW!  Everything got done, but it made for a stressful day off.

I need a better system to get everything I need to get done during the week so my weekends can actually be fun instead of CRAZY!

Any ideas?

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 13

We try really hard to feed Jake mostly healthy foods, so he eats a lot of fruits and vegetables!  These pics are from a few days ago, but on this particular morning I decided to feed him strawberries and blackberries and part of his breakfast.  




Well, at least not until he's a little older... I seriously had to throw that adorable pajama top away - there was no saving it.

May 12

Today we were playing in the backyard!  Jake loves to be outside more than anything...




Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 11

Sleep... glorious wonderful sleep....

I don't get very much of that particular thing these days, which usually doesn't seem to bother me too much, but I have been feeling like I was running on fumes lately.

Today, I made up for it at least a little.

I was always the kid that would sleep until noon whenever I was able to, I miss those days...

So in honor of my rested state you guys are getting this!

(Jess and Kristi [sis in law] doing what they do best - being dorks!)


May 10

Jake is 15 months old today (for those of you without kids, that is 1.25 years ;) )!  WOW!  How time flies...

Since I don't have anything particularly fun today, here is Jake about 1 year ago...



May 9

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is bittersweet for me.  I've been fighting sadness for a couple of weeks now - I miss my Mom every single day still, but I don't have time to be sad over it.  I am blessed with an amazing little family and an equally amazing extended family, so while today sucks, I am able to step back and remind myself of how lucky I really am.

I LOVE being a Mom, more specifically I love being Jake's Mom.  This is the job that I was put on this earth to do and I am more than happy to do it!  This week he finally starting saying Momma and I am over the moon because of it - it's the best Mother's Day gift EVER!

Jess did a great job on my other gift - he built both me and his mom each a bird feeder, complete with Jake's handprints! I love it and will take a picture of it soon!

Here is a pic of my Mom and I - isn't she pretty?

Wedding Pics 091

May 8

Today was a busy day!  We started the morning early with an engagement photo shoot at 8:30 AM!  However, getting up that early was WELL worth it - the lighting was PERFECT and we got some wonderful shots!

Here are the favorites of Drew and Alyssa's Engagement Pics:

Alyssa & Drew 5

Alyssa & Drew 3

Alyssa & Drew 1

Alyssa & Drew 2

Alyssa & Drew 4

Alyssa & Drew 6

I caught this action shot! Drew is jumping OVER Jake!

Drew and Jake playing leapfrog!

Of course, here is the mandatory Jake picture...


Later in the morning we got company for Mother's Day - LOLLIE came to see us!  Well, she really came to see Jake, but we are a packaged deal!

Jake displayed his newest trick - when anyone tells him "no" he lays on the ground.  He doesn't throw himself down or scream or anything, not my little guy.  No, he lowers himself very slowly to the ground, careful not to bump his head head or anything, and then just lays there and looks around.

It is both hilarious and infuriating all at the same time.

You just have to LOVE toddlers.

May 7

Since Mother's Day is coming this weekend I decided I wanted to try to do a craft with Jake to give to his Lollie, so we were going to finger paint!

I found a "recipe" online to make finger paint out of water, cornstarch and food coloring - easy right?

Well, not quite - I made 2 batches and never could get the lumps out, but went ahead and used the 2nd batch. 

I stripped Jake out of his clothes and took him out front to paint!  Unfortunately, he was not at all interested in painting on the paper, no matter how I pleaded with him to do so.  Instead, he painted himself...




May 6

I just set up a "fan" page on Facebook for my photography!  I figured if I am going to do this I better really start to do it!

SJKinnison Photography on Facebook

Alson, here are some of the shots from our morning with the Poynor girls!

Shelby 1

Haley 1

Poynor Girls 1

Sisters 1

Haley 2

Jake & Shelby

Sisters 2

Poynor Girls 2

Shelby 2

Shelby w/ Jess

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5

Micah Everett Rozen, previously known as "Sumo Baby" was born today!!  

I haven't gotten any of the details yet, but thank heavens for Facebook so everyone can stay in the loop!

Now we just have to wait until August to get to meet this little cutie!  I stole this pic, but I just couldn't resist sharing!


8 lbs 4.5 oz, 54 cm. Born 5-5-10 @ 5:15pm

May 4

Has anyone else ever been in the place where you are finally starting to feel better after being sick, but in some part of your brain you can't help but wonder if you will REALLY ever get back to normal or if you are destined to feel like this forever...  Not sick, just still kinda gross....

That's where I am in the moment...

I have a suspicion that this over-all yucky feeling has more to do with Mother's Day quickly approaching than anything else, but I am trying to ignore that particular event.

During all of the hard times in the last few months one thing has remained true - I just have to dig down and push through.

Ok enough of that... tomorrow is another day.

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3

Today, I received a comment from my friend Wendy about how much Jake is starting to look like Jess, so I started hunting through some photos I used for our wedding and found this one...

Wedding Pics 045

This one is from this weekend...

How cute is that??

May 2

Today was another busy day!  We had brunch with Arnold and Amy - Jake was a total toot and refused to sit at the table the whole time.  Luckily, he's pretty nervous with strangers so as soon as anyone even looked at him he would come running!

Then we went and did some quick weed/feed/seeding at a rent house of some friends of ours...  Speaking of said friends....

CONGRATULATIONS!!!   Why you ask?  Nick and Wendy Silkey will be adding to their family within the year!  Noah will soon have twins or maybe triplets to compete with! ;)

After the yard work we headed to the grocery store - we had to refill that empty pantry!  I went to work at 3 and Jess spent the evening trimming trees and cooking for the week.  I heard that Jake had a blast chasing Jess around and playing in the tree limbs in the yard.  

Jess texted me this pic from his phone - Jake sitting in the garage watching the world go by...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 1

Wow.  Where did April go?

Our weekend started yesterday - Jess took off half day on Friday and we took Jake for is follow up with the urologist.  In the month since his surgery he has done fantastically!  The Doctor was very impressed by him and we get to take him off the antibiotics starting around my birthday and then another followup at the end of July!  I can't wait until we don't have to give him medicine anymore.

Today was SUPER packed!  Arnold (my bro) was in town and got to hang out at the house while we worked.  I feel a little bad for how not fun we are, but oh well!  Jess and Justin (our most wonderful neighbor who is leaving soon :(  ) worked on my car and fixed the rear end and the A/C - it is amazing how good a car can be when you do some maintenance on it!



While Jake and I played outside...



After everyone went to bed I cleaned out and organized the pantry...



It isn't glamourous, but I'm really proud!

Jess and I are both really making an effort to be a better family - we want to eat at home and eat healthier/smarter.  We are trying to take care of lots of things that have gone very neglected over the last bit, to really stay motivated.  The best part is that Jake is turning into such a busy body that he keeps us moving - literally.