Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where did the time go?!

It's true - it's been forever since I last posted here...  Life has been busy and when it's not busy I'm too tired to do much more than get up off the couch.  Apparently, the "2nd trimester energy" is not something I was fortunate enough to receive this pregnancy!

We're surviving, just living a in a messy house and currently trying desperately to get Christmas gifts figured out!

We did have some fantastic news recently....  We found out that we are having a GIRL!!!

We seriously picked out our daughters name before JACOB was even a twinkle in our eyes, this little girl has been wanted for a VERY long time.  Her name is going to be Melody Grace, but we'll be calling her Grace or Gracie.  She gets her name from 2 amazing women - Melody was a very good friend of mine who passed away about 4 years ago now, she was an amazing friend and mother and I still miss her all the time.  Grace is my Great Grandmother on my Mom's side - we still have a family reunion every year for the women in our family in honor of her - we call it "Gracie's Girls".  This baby girls doesn't know it, but she has some big shoes to fill.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Have you missed me??

I've taken a gigantic blogging break.  It wasn't my intention, I just got behind and then got further and further behind until it was too overwhelming.  While we were on vacation last month I was talking to my friend about it and she said something I hadn't really thought of, she told me just to stop doing it everyday. It me a while to get the energy back to even come and let you all know that, but here I am, admitting failure. It was too much, but I'm not giving it up all together, because we have too much amazing stuff happening as a family and quite frankly once I let go of the idea of writing daily I realized that I missed having this place as an outlet. So I'm back!  And all I can do is what I can do, and I am going to have to be ok with that.

I will have to write later to give details about our summer, but it was great!  We went on the first family vacation we have ever been on and had a fantastic time visiting friends in Connecticut and Toronto!

We also have some very exciting news....


I am due April 20, 2011 and could not be more excited about the new addition to our family!  We didn't expect it to happen so easily, but I have to say that we are so blessed that this baby has come so much easier than Jake.  

I do think that we have taken it a little for granted though.  It took years to get pregnant with Jake, and maybe because it was our first, or maybe just because we wanted him SO BAD it definitely felt differently.  Either way, this little baby is so loved already, and won't even know what hit it when it's born.  Jake is going to be a fantastic big brother, he LOVES babies.  I think that the fact that our kids are going to be about 26 months apart is going to be a blessing because hopefully they will want to play together and will really get to enjoy a close relationship.  So, while it was quicker than we anticipated getting pregnant, it is definitely growing on me - LITERALLY! 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

July 5

This morning we got up and took Alyssa's Bridal Shots.  She is so fun to shoot and so EASY to get a good picture of!  However, I did discover next time I do Bridal's I'll need to rent a better lens.  The kit lens that I have to use for anything wide angle just doesn't do the trick.

Here are my favorites....




July 4

Happy Independence Day!!!

This year due to limited finances we really didn't plan the party or even really invite many people.  It ended up getting thrown together last minute, but it turned out really great!  I didn't do a huge buffet like a normally do, but several of my friends brought food to share (which was YUMMY!). We had a bunch of newbies at this party - that part was great because Jess and I have been talking about needing to grow our group of friends lately and I feel like we are FINALLY starting to do that!

Here are a few pics from the evening...









Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 3

Lollie and Aunt Nancy came to visit today - good thing we have a Costco and Teacher Heaven in this town, I'm not sure we would see them otherwise!

For the record, we love it when Lollie comes and it is even better when she brings along company, and I do mean to tell you, Lollie LOVES Costco... L - O - V - E - S it.  I discovered that Aunt Nancy has just found a lovely store here called Teacher Heaven - and they mean it, if you are a teacher or a parent trying to have a learning environment you really must go there, but have a budget in mind because there are SO many neat things there it is dangerous!

So here are a few from the day...

This is Jake and his Lollie...

Here is Jake when Lollie had to get out of the car for 3 mins...


July 2

As a parent I am always looking at Jake and wonder what he might be when he grows up...

The other day I got a glimpse of a possibility...

Accountant perhaps???



July 1

How is it July ALREADY?!  Well, I am feeling a bit like a failure, my accomplishing great cleaning and organizing feats has not really panned out so far this summer.

I just can't seem to have enough time ever.

I suppose all I can do is keep on keeping on....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

June 30

Oh my goodness! I am STILL worn out from this weekend!

However, we are excitedly trying to prepare for our 3rd Annual 4th of July PARTY!!


June 29

We have been cooking at home lately, trying to save some money, but it is also just better overall.  What I am trying to do is make dinner either the night before when I get home from work or in the morning before work, so all Jess has to do is warm it up.

This has been working beautifully because I am also now coming home to eat dinner with the boys BEFORE Jake goes to bed!  The best part of my day is when I pull up to the house Jess and Jake are pretty much always outside waiting for me and when Jake realizes it is me he just starts freaking out he is so happy!  It makes me feel like the most important person in the whole world.

Monday, July 19, 2010

June 28

It's another Monday! After the great, but very tiring weekend, today I hope to simply recover!

June 27

Today we had an event for the ladies of our family - Gracie's Girls.  We try to get together every year or two and with my cousin Lea Ann visiting we really wanted to get everyone together!

It was too short, but great!  Amazing what having a toddler can do to cut out most of your visiting time!


We also took pics of the boys together... How cute are they?!


Today, we took a real family picture.  Next time we'll have to plan ahead a little better for the family pic, but it is GREAT to finally have one with Lea Ann and Josh - the only person missing was Karl, Lea Ann's hubby!




June 26

Yesterday started the wonderful adventure of our family reunion!

We started out at the Houston Zoo in the afternoon and OH MY GOSH was it HOT!

It was fantastic though!  We must go back in the fall!

Jake and Josh are already getting along really well, they look so much alike it is CRAZY.  We saw tons of animals - even Dinosaurs (which was a favorite for Josh and scared poor little Jake)

Jake was a little off the whole day because he was so out of his routine, but it was fun even with the cranky and tired little boy.







June 25

Today, five short years ago, I married the best thing that ever happened to me.  I know everyone says that they are marrying their best friend and blah blah blah, but I really think that Jess and I have a relationship that is different than a lot of marriages I see going on around me.  We really do have an equal partnership, that was made stronger when we added Jacob into the mix.

We have been lucky, we started dating when we were in high school and we never thought then that we would end up here.  Ten years ago, when this whole thing started I thought I was just having a good time, I knew I would be going off to college and I figured it would end there, but it didn't.  The distance made us stronger, we really were able to grow up together.  I completely get how rare this is, and I feel completely blessed by it.

My husband has always been amazing, but he keeps getting better!  I never question his love for me, his faithfulness, his obsession with his little man, or that fact that he is all in when it comes to our relationship.  Sometimes I think he really does know me better than I know myself and I am completely flabbergasted at his ability to anticipate my concerns/fears and always tries to alleviate them before I even realize I have anything to be worried about.

When Jess and I said our I do's in front of our friends and family 5 years ago I did not really consider what our life would be like now, but I know that I could never have imagined how wonderful it would be.  He really is the yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly and the moon to my stars.  I am so lucky to have found my soul mate in high school, and I'm even more blessed that he chose me too.

I love you Jess.  You are my perfect partner and an amazing Dad.  I would be lost if it weren't for you.

Our Wedding 081

June 24

Ladies you should all be jealous of me...  I have an AMAZING husband.


He listened to me, he looked for something to get me for our anniversary that he knew I needed and wanted and got me a spectacular gift.

I have been complaining about needing a place to store my craft stuff, so Jess got me a huge box full of new craft stuff and then made an beautiful top for it with pictures of Jake and the family all over it!

I can't even describe how sweet and amazing this gift was!




June 23

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my G1?!   Well, it isn't my G1, but it is the G1 that my wonderful friends are letting me borrow (indefinitely).

I have recently discovered many wonderful apps, I'm not sure how I lived my life before the world of APPLICATIONS on my PHONE! 

The best part is, I managed to break Jake of the cell phone habit!  YAY!  Well, at least he doesn't beg for MY phone anymore.  

June 22

Cleaning...  it is a never ending cycle! 

Luckily, Jess does a LOT of the toy tornado pick up at night after Jake goes to bed, so most of the time we get to start our day with a tidy house.  However, it doesn't stay that way for long with a busy toddler around.  

Poor Jess, he comes home almost every day to a mess!  He never complains though - god love him!

June 21

This weekend I managed to accomplish something that I have been wanted to do for SO long...

I FINALLY put up pictures of Jake! 

I'm not loving the placement, but hopefully someday my interior design minded cousin will pay me a visit and help with all of that!


Don't you love the "Family" frame on the bottom?  My hubby's Grandparents gave that to us for Christmas!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


So you MAY have noticed that I have not posted in a couple of weeks, sorry about that.  I don't have a great excuse, things have been busy and I just haven't been able to get it together!  Luckily, I have actually been writing blogs, but not posting them because they aren't done or I need to add a picture to them or something.

Not to worry - I'm going to get caught up!

No promises on how long it will take me, but I promise I will!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 20


Wow...  I am SO lucky.  I have the most amazing men in my life to wish a happy day to.

First, to my Father.  He gets first billing because he's been around the longest.  He also has had to put up with me in all of those very unflattering and ill-behaved teenage moments, and I had a LOT of those.  My Dad is not just the guy I go to when I need help, he's also one of the best friends.  I call him when I'm happy or sad, or when I have nothing to say at all.  He's one of those Dad's the everyone I know is jealous of, the kind who was never controlling, but also never too easy on me.

If you are a regular reader or if you know me personally, you know this year has been a tough one on my family.  I am forever grateful for my Dad in all of that, for a man who has EVERY RIGHT to completely fall apart, he has been inspiring.  The sadness does not rule him and that strength has flowed downhill to all of our family.

Dad, I love you more than you know, but I also have the utmost respect for you and the way you see life.  You inspire me.  Thanks for always just being there, even when I'm crazy!  Most importantly, thanks for being such a wonderful Grandpa to Jake, he is so lucky.



Our Wedding 070

Wedding Pics 095

Wedding Pics 090

Jess, thanks for being the most amazing "Da" to our little boy.  I knew when we got married that you were going to be a great Dad, but every single day you do something that is just spectacular, from your ability to put the BIGGEST smile on Jacob's face to the way that you care for him when he is hurt or sad.  I know that being a Dad has made you whole, we never knew that Jake was missing, until he came into our lives and changed them forever.

I appreciate that neither of us has to go at this parenting thing alone, we are true partners, which is funny since most of our parenting is done in opposite shifts.  I love how much you adore Jake, and how you never forget to adore me in the midst of our crazy lives!

Being that our 5 year wedding anniversary is just around the corner I am going to save the rest of my gushing for that blog!





Oh and stay tuned for the father's day gifts I made for Jess and my Dad, I can't show you them yet because Dad reads this blog and I haven't seen him to give it to him!

June 19

Can YOUR baby read?

Mine can! Well, sorta, kinda, not really.

He can, however, watch the Your Baby Can Read DVD's now!

A few months ago I found the Starter Disk of the set at Goodwill - SCORE!  I think it was $2.  Jake has been watching it off and on since then and really loves it.  He will do the motions and giggles at the dogs and everything.

So, while we were watching it on Sat with Lollie, I got an idea to check Craigslist to see if I could get the set for a reasonable price...


There was an ad for the whole set with extras for $65! Lollie immediately jumped on board and we loaded up into the car to meet the lady.  Guess what - the set was BRAND NEW - still in the wrapper!

So now that we have directions and know what to do - Jake is watching the DVD 2x a day and then in a month we'll move on to the next disk!

Stay tuned for updates....

June 18

We ended up at the pediatricians office today...  

Last night, when Jess was getting Jake ready for bed he noticed big white welts surrounded by warm red skin on our little boys thigh.  This pretty much alarmed both of us, but after taking pictures and sending them to a nurse friend we were assured that there was no reason to head to the ER, but that we needed to call the Dr in the morning.

By the morning he had them everywhere, but the ones on the thigh had gone away, so I called the Dr and was told to come in that afternoon!

Turns out, Jake basically had hives - the doctor called them something much more complicated, but basically he said to give him benedryl until the hives stopped coming back.

Talk about stressing a Momma out!

About 20 mins after a dose of benedryl the hives magically disappear - so I HOPE this doesn't last but a few days!  The benedryl seems to make him feel a little out of sorts... poor Boogie.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17

Today, I dusted off the old stroller and Jake and I headed out to the park!



This little boy is so much like his Daddy - he LOVES to just watch people... Other kids showed up and he was mesmerized...

June 16

Today we went to meet ANOTHER new baby!  Jake actually does pretty well with this, he gets a little jealous, but not too bad at all.

This is Decker at 2 days old...



Decker did not like it when I unswaddled him!

 Jake was also adorable today...

Daddy was outside mowing the grass and he climbed on his own into the kitchen window sill.



June 15

Jake also loves Layla!

In fact, every time he sees one of the dogs he hugs and kisses them - our dogs get more kisses from him than WE do!

It is adorable though!

Here he is hugging Layla's neck...  this was right after he smothered her in kisses!


Layla does not look amused... but she secretly loves it!

June 14

We discovered a new playground today!  Well, we knew it was there, but just never visited it.

Anyways, I think this is going to be great!  It's about 3/4 of a mile or so from the house, so I'm going to start trying to walk there with Jake in the stroller a few times a week.

June 13

Jake loves his Grandpa - and he has the shirt to prove it.


Don't worry Lollie - we are working on a shirt for you. :)