Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 3

Lollie and Aunt Nancy came to visit today - good thing we have a Costco and Teacher Heaven in this town, I'm not sure we would see them otherwise!

For the record, we love it when Lollie comes and it is even better when she brings along company, and I do mean to tell you, Lollie LOVES Costco... L - O - V - E - S it.  I discovered that Aunt Nancy has just found a lovely store here called Teacher Heaven - and they mean it, if you are a teacher or a parent trying to have a learning environment you really must go there, but have a budget in mind because there are SO many neat things there it is dangerous!

So here are a few from the day...

This is Jake and his Lollie...

Here is Jake when Lollie had to get out of the car for 3 mins...



  1. Oh, just share with the world what a pathetic mess we are!

    That is one sad, sad baby!

  2. Not pathetic... well Jake is a little pathetic, but equally adorable - the whole lot of ya! :)