Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 23


This is officially Jacob's 2nd snow, but after this one I don't think we can even count the first one.  This time it actually stuck!




February 22

I was right - it is only Monday and I am already ready for Friday!

Tomorrow it is supposed to snow - Texas weather is so weird.  Yesterday I opened all the windows and Jess took Jake to the park to play when I went to work and now tomorrow it is seriously supposed to SNOW?!  

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 21

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

This is the first Sunday in forever that I was pretty excited to be going back to work!  I am happy to announce that Jess and I both stayed home together all week with a sick munchkin and sick ourselves and we didn't even kill each other.  We did have our moments, but what fun is a marriage without moments like that. ;)

So back to our normal routine we go.... I have a strange feeling this is going to be a LONG week.

February 20

Finally the inhabitants of the Kinnison household are starting to look alive again!  Actually Jess and I are totally fine while the little munchkin is still trying to get his system back in working order.

Today we had a very hard time just getting moving so we finally made it out of the house in time to run up to Cedar Park and do some fixes at Nick and Wendy's house for their tenants - however on the way Jake threw up in the car. So today my messy car habit really came in handy because we were able to completely change his clothes, clean the carseat, and mop up all of the mess with things I had laying around!

On that note - after the STOMACH FLU 2010 I think it is time for SPRING CLEANING 2010!  Wish us luck!

February 15-February 19

I haven't done this to date, but this week requires one single post and then I intend on acting as if it never occurred!

After the weekend extravaganza we were planning on driving home Monday morning, however those plans were derailed when my little man decided to awaken in the wee hours and get sick... and by get sick I mean he screamed and cried and threw up all night and then all day on Monday.  We finally made it home Tuesday afternoon (after he threw up in the car) and went straight to the doctor.

Turns out the poor little boy had a double ear infection, which is what the dr thought was causing him to get sick.  WRONG! How do I know this?  Well, I have been trying to teach Jake how to share and it's working because I woke up in the wee hours on Wednesday morning sick with the stomach flu and Jess followed suit midmorning on Wednesday.

Which leads me to:

VALUABLE LESSON #2 - When you and your child are both ill at the same time, causing your hubby to have a total bugs bunny freak out in the middle of the night (while you are tossing your cookies) about how this is his worst nightmare - try REALLY hard to withstand the urge to kill him, because do not fear, he will be getting his soon enough.

Luckily, Jess and I were feeling better after about 24 hours, but it is taking Jake a little longer to recover.  He is still getting sick here and there, but what is really kicking his tiny tush is the fact that on top of everything else he is cutting his first molars.  OUCH!

I didn't really take any pics when he was really sick, but I did today because he's just so darn pathetic!


oh the DRAMA!  If you look closely you can see how his is jutting his bottom jaw out and to the side because of the pain from the teeth...

 Poor Booger! 

They are SO alike!

and finally....  I just loved this one.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 14

Love is...  giving up your entire Valentine's weekend to take part in a 1 year old boys birthday party and Baptism - which is what our amazing families did this weekend!

We had been putting off Baptizing Jake because I really wanted my Mom to be able to attend it and she was never well long enough to get it organized, which is why we waited until now.  This leads me into

VALUABLE LESSON #1 - Never - I do mean NEVER - Baptize a child who is old enough to have any concept of what is going on (unless they are old enough to really understand what is happening)

Why might you ask?  Screaming, unrelenting, hysterical toddler in the arms of a Pastor - not a pretty sight.... not at all.

At least everyone got a chuckle on Sunday morning, while my little boy screamed himself silly and I tried desperately to control the urge to snatch my sweet little boy back in the middle of the ceremony.

All in all it wasn't that bad, but next time we are baptizing on the way home from the hospital!

So afterwards there was a wonderful reception hosted by Jess' mom (Lollie) and held at his Great Aunt and Uncles home - it was a great way to end the smorgasbord of events from the weekend - and Jake slept through pretty much the entire thing.  He wore himself out trying to make sure Jesus could hear him at church!

Us with Pastor Dan, and Jake's sponsors (My bro Arnold and Jess bro and sis in law Will and Kristi)


Friday, February 19, 2010

February 13

Today was the big day!


I think it turned out really well, but I'm a TINY bit partial...  I couldn't have done it without a lot of help from the family...  I kind of felt not like myself so it was such a blessing having so many people there to pick up the slack.   I could feel the missing links, but we survived it and have the pics to prove it!

Jake was ridiculously spoiled and totally tore into his first cake.  It was adorable.  He showed off his walking skills to everyone and flirted with all of his girl friends - I do mean girls that are his friends btw!

Afterwards I was looking at all the pictures and made a decision - I've got to get this weight off!  I can only hide from the camera when I am behind it, which on days like today is impossible.

Here are a few pics of the party and the link to all of them on my flickr site:



The tractor is actually his cake!

February 12

He's been kidnapped!

Don't worry - it was just by his Lollie! Jake decided he didn't want to wait until this evening to go to Victoria with his Dad and I, so he headed down this morning with Lollie and Great Aunt Nancy.

The best part is I actually had a chance to go dress shopping by myself - such a luxury!  I was able to find the perfect dress for his Baptism at Ross, along with a few other goodies of course.  Jess and I had a really nice quiet drive to Victoria, but we were absolutely missing our little jabber bucket.  It is so weird not having him there, but it is time to get more used to that because Mommy and Daddy need a break!

So who wants to take this toddler off our hands?  Let's set the dates people!!!!

February 11

Well it is true - my baby is no longer a baby!  He's a true blue toddler - one year and one day old - toddling all over the house!

Yesterday, Lollie got into town and got to celebrate Jake's birthday by hanging out with him yesterday and today while I was at work.  Then this morning we went to Costco and got all the food for the big guys birthday party - gotta love Costco and you've really gotta love it when Lollie buys the groceries!  THANKS LOLLIE!

We are so not ready for everything this weekend, but we'll survive it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10

So I decided I wanted to write Jake a letter for his birthday - the goal is to do it every year - I just think it would be neat to have a letter from your mom every year...  Anyways, below are the contents of this years letter.  I'm didn't over think it, just wrote what I was feeling...

Dearest Son,  

Today is the first anniversary of your birth and I simply can not believe how fast that time has passed. This time last year I was still in labor with you, and after 40 long hours you entered this world and changed your Daddy's and my life forever.  

We could not have even imagined how wonderful having you has been for us. We wanted you for years before you actually came to us, but in all of those years of desperately wanting to be a mother I could not have designed you any more amazing than you actually are. Every single day you do something that reminds me of what a very special gift you were to us.  

The last year has been tough on your Mommy, but every step of the way you were here to remind me of why I needed to keep moving and stay strong. You will not remember this, but you had an amazing Grandmother who loved you more than anything and she went to live with Jesus this year. She had been sick for a very long time, but she was waiting just to meet you. Once you were here and healthy your Grandma knew that we would all be okay without her and that she would be better able to take care of you from Heaven. You were a bright shining light to her and even now I know she is with you, guiding you safely along the path that is your destiny.  

Little one, you have great things ahead of you. I am so proud to be your Mommy, to be able to take part in your journey, to watch you learn and grow. I love you more that I ever could have imagined loving anyone. You are the kind of child that parents dream of and I hope and pray that I never let you down.  

Happy 1st Birthday Jacob!  

Love you always, Mommy

Jake and a very proud Daddy
Jake and Mommy right after he was born
Jake - the day before he turns 1!

February 9

Jake turns 1 - that's right ONE YEAR OLD tomorrow!  Oh my gosh! 

Anyways, today we were playing and I caught this video of it.  I think he's a little brilliant, but I'm not partial or anything. :)

Oh btw - the next post is going to be mushy - just thought I'd warn you!

February 8

STUCK!  I might have mentioned this before, but Jacob loves to crawl under and over things!  One of his favorite obstacles is the table in between 2 chairs in our living room, but sometimes he has a little trouble. :)



February 7

Yesterday in all the craziness we finally found a tractor to take pictures of Jake on - unfortunately the sun was not working with me - so they didn't really turn out.  However, these two really show off some of his personality!



February 6

He WALKS!!  Today was a crazy day, but the most amazing event was getting video of some of our little guys first steps!

Amazing isn't it??

Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 5

It's Valentine's Day in the Kinnison household!  So it hit me yesterday that we were going to be crazy busy next weekend and that it was Valentine's weekend - so I decided to surprise the hubbs with some loving gestures a little early.  For breakfast I made his favorite - Chocolate chip muffins! I baked them in the wee hours of the morning Thurs, while I was waiting for them I prepped the jalapenos and whatnot...

I'm pretty proud of the fancy-ish dinner I cooked, with the munchkin in tow at that!  I wish I had taken a picture, but I didn't think about it!

I made jalapeno "heartstoppers" for the appetizer (jalapeno filled with cream cheese and shredded cheese wrapped in bacon) - a ton of work, but insanely delicious!  I marinated chicken breasts in some yummy italian dressing we had in the fridge and baked them along with baked potatoes and glazed carrots.  For dessert I used my new "As seen on TV" brownie pan to make peanut butter bars with a chocolate center!

Now that I have made you all hungry I am going to torture you further!


Here are some brownies I made a few weeks ago - I LOVE this pan!!

February 4

Thursdays are my favorite day!  I used to love Sundays, but they have been banished to the end of my list of days because they are really my Monday - which means Thursday is my FRIDAY!!  Well I supposed my actual favorite day is Friday, since I get to spend that glorious day with my boys, but we'll just pretend for the purpose of this blog. :)

Anyways, so Thursday, oh glorious Thursday....  I think you deserve a picture to celebrate the fact that it is my Friday!


This is when Jake was new!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3

Rain... rain... go away... come again some other day!

It has seriously been raining AAAALLLLLLL day long...  I have been starting to feel better, but am still just so tired.  I think part of the sleepiness is the weather, and part is the fact that I still didn't really get a break even while I was sick.  Poor booger is also feeling a little rotten - he's cutting his first molars and has a runny nose.  Hopefully he feels better soon because it is almost time for his 1st BIRTHDAY! 

Speaking of which, I need to work on stuff for that and stop procrastinating on my blog!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2

Still sick...

Still pathetic...

Going to bed now.

February 1

Sick....  I am annoyingly sick, but I haven't always been this way...  This morning I woke up wide awake and feeling fine except for a tiny tickle in my throat, but by 5 or so I was totally wiped out!  I threw inthe towel and went home from work at 8:30.  I don't understand how it could have come on so flipping fast?! Anyways... I feel crappy and I am a terrible sick person.

So I'm going to go be pathetic elsewhere..

Monday, February 1, 2010

January 31

Today I snapped these pictures right after getting Jacob dressed...



January 30

Whew what a big day!  Our friends are moving to Arizona so Alexis came to play in the morning while her parents worked on their house!



After Alexis left we went to celebrate Haley's first birthday!




January 29

Poker night!!!  We used to play poker every week, but after Jake was born it was harder to get it together.  Lately we have been playing again and having a lot of fun as always.

Those of you who know us know how close of a relationship Jess and Jason have, so the following will not surprise you.  These were taken after poker night, sometime in the wee hours...




They kept doing funny things, but as soon as I pulled out the camera they would stop doing it, so I kept trying to quickly snap picture - just ignore the crappy quality!

January 28

Tonight was DATE NIGHT!!!  I took off of work and spent the day with my mini man, and then the big man and I went out to see Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean in concert!  We had a fantastic time - it wasn't really long enough, but it was nice having some some time just to be together.

We are definitely going to have to start scheduling in more time for each other, it is so easy to forget to do that.

I took this picture with my cell at the concert, but I kind of like it. :)

January 27

Lollie gave Jacob his very first little red wagon and he has recently discovered it!  Jess snapped these pictures of him playing with it the other night!



January 26

Ok so technically it is Feb 1st, but I have been writing the past weeks blogs in my head, but I am just now having time to get them written out!

So Tuesday was the BIG test day...  We had to get to Dell Children's Hospital at 8:30 in the morning - and we made it, but it was a seriously long day!  All went well, it was tough when they put the IV in, but when they did the scan of his kidneys he laid on the table like a little hero.

We won't find anything out about the scan until mid Feb, I have decided that everything is going to be ok and that I am giving it to God.  Jake is so precious that I am sure that he is going to be totally fine, and if there are medical stuff we have to work through we will do just that!

This was taken right after the IV at the hospital, he cried so hard that he wore himself out!