Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 14

Love is...  giving up your entire Valentine's weekend to take part in a 1 year old boys birthday party and Baptism - which is what our amazing families did this weekend!

We had been putting off Baptizing Jake because I really wanted my Mom to be able to attend it and she was never well long enough to get it organized, which is why we waited until now.  This leads me into

VALUABLE LESSON #1 - Never - I do mean NEVER - Baptize a child who is old enough to have any concept of what is going on (unless they are old enough to really understand what is happening)

Why might you ask?  Screaming, unrelenting, hysterical toddler in the arms of a Pastor - not a pretty sight.... not at all.

At least everyone got a chuckle on Sunday morning, while my little boy screamed himself silly and I tried desperately to control the urge to snatch my sweet little boy back in the middle of the ceremony.

All in all it wasn't that bad, but next time we are baptizing on the way home from the hospital!

So afterwards there was a wonderful reception hosted by Jess' mom (Lollie) and held at his Great Aunt and Uncles home - it was a great way to end the smorgasbord of events from the weekend - and Jake slept through pretty much the entire thing.  He wore himself out trying to make sure Jesus could hear him at church!

Us with Pastor Dan, and Jake's sponsors (My bro Arnold and Jess bro and sis in law Will and Kristi)



  1. Such a stinker! Dan inquired this morning if all had 'recovered' from the Baptism. I told him I thought we had.

    You know we couldn't have done it without the drama!

    I know Jesus heard him. The folks down the street at Fellowship Bible Church heard him. The folks over at St Mark's Methodist heard him.

    But isn't he just the cutest thing???

    Precious Child of God--Baby Jake!

  2. BTW--that kid looks like trouble...