Friday, February 19, 2010

February 12

He's been kidnapped!

Don't worry - it was just by his Lollie! Jake decided he didn't want to wait until this evening to go to Victoria with his Dad and I, so he headed down this morning with Lollie and Great Aunt Nancy.

The best part is I actually had a chance to go dress shopping by myself - such a luxury!  I was able to find the perfect dress for his Baptism at Ross, along with a few other goodies of course.  Jess and I had a really nice quiet drive to Victoria, but we were absolutely missing our little jabber bucket.  It is so weird not having him there, but it is time to get more used to that because Mommy and Daddy need a break!

So who wants to take this toddler off our hands?  Let's set the dates people!!!!

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