Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 18

We ended up at the pediatricians office today...  

Last night, when Jess was getting Jake ready for bed he noticed big white welts surrounded by warm red skin on our little boys thigh.  This pretty much alarmed both of us, but after taking pictures and sending them to a nurse friend we were assured that there was no reason to head to the ER, but that we needed to call the Dr in the morning.

By the morning he had them everywhere, but the ones on the thigh had gone away, so I called the Dr and was told to come in that afternoon!

Turns out, Jake basically had hives - the doctor called them something much more complicated, but basically he said to give him benedryl until the hives stopped coming back.

Talk about stressing a Momma out!

About 20 mins after a dose of benedryl the hives magically disappear - so I HOPE this doesn't last but a few days!  The benedryl seems to make him feel a little out of sorts... poor Boogie.

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