Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 12

Jake's Grandpa came to visit today!  He came bearing gifts - a new CD burner for me (w/CD's) - so if I take pictures of you and you want a CD I can EASILY do that now!  YAY!

Then we went to a BBQ competition in Lockhart - that was fun, but HOT!  Arnold and his girlfriend Amy were judging and got Dad in on the action - he got to judge the finals for RIBS!  YUM!

I think reignited Jess' interest in participating in BBQ competitions, which is exciting!  Hopefully, they can get the pit done so maybe we can start in the fall when it cools off a little.

Jess has a bachelor party, so in the evening Dad, Jake and I went to dinner for my birthday dinner - I was really proud of my little guy because he is starting to be able to handle restaurants again!  Hopefully this keeps up!  :)

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