Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 20


Wow...  I am SO lucky.  I have the most amazing men in my life to wish a happy day to.

First, to my Father.  He gets first billing because he's been around the longest.  He also has had to put up with me in all of those very unflattering and ill-behaved teenage moments, and I had a LOT of those.  My Dad is not just the guy I go to when I need help, he's also one of the best friends.  I call him when I'm happy or sad, or when I have nothing to say at all.  He's one of those Dad's the everyone I know is jealous of, the kind who was never controlling, but also never too easy on me.

If you are a regular reader or if you know me personally, you know this year has been a tough one on my family.  I am forever grateful for my Dad in all of that, for a man who has EVERY RIGHT to completely fall apart, he has been inspiring.  The sadness does not rule him and that strength has flowed downhill to all of our family.

Dad, I love you more than you know, but I also have the utmost respect for you and the way you see life.  You inspire me.  Thanks for always just being there, even when I'm crazy!  Most importantly, thanks for being such a wonderful Grandpa to Jake, he is so lucky.



Our Wedding 070

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Jess, thanks for being the most amazing "Da" to our little boy.  I knew when we got married that you were going to be a great Dad, but every single day you do something that is just spectacular, from your ability to put the BIGGEST smile on Jacob's face to the way that you care for him when he is hurt or sad.  I know that being a Dad has made you whole, we never knew that Jake was missing, until he came into our lives and changed them forever.

I appreciate that neither of us has to go at this parenting thing alone, we are true partners, which is funny since most of our parenting is done in opposite shifts.  I love how much you adore Jake, and how you never forget to adore me in the midst of our crazy lives!

Being that our 5 year wedding anniversary is just around the corner I am going to save the rest of my gushing for that blog!





Oh and stay tuned for the father's day gifts I made for Jess and my Dad, I can't show you them yet because Dad reads this blog and I haven't seen him to give it to him!

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  1. Jess is the most amazing Dad! I am so proud of him, and I know Jake is so blessed to have you both as parents!