Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where did the time go?!

It's true - it's been forever since I last posted here...  Life has been busy and when it's not busy I'm too tired to do much more than get up off the couch.  Apparently, the "2nd trimester energy" is not something I was fortunate enough to receive this pregnancy!

We're surviving, just living a in a messy house and currently trying desperately to get Christmas gifts figured out!

We did have some fantastic news recently....  We found out that we are having a GIRL!!!

We seriously picked out our daughters name before JACOB was even a twinkle in our eyes, this little girl has been wanted for a VERY long time.  Her name is going to be Melody Grace, but we'll be calling her Grace or Gracie.  She gets her name from 2 amazing women - Melody was a very good friend of mine who passed away about 4 years ago now, she was an amazing friend and mother and I still miss her all the time.  Grace is my Great Grandmother on my Mom's side - we still have a family reunion every year for the women in our family in honor of her - we call it "Gracie's Girls".  This baby girls doesn't know it, but she has some big shoes to fill.

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