Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 24

Today was just not a great day...

I ended up staying home from work, which I believe everyone in my house really needed.

I got to witness a couple of amazing things....

1. Jess was putting our sweet little boy to bed and I overheard their bedtime routine.  Every night my adorable husband tells my son about each person who loves him... starting with his Mommy and Daddy, his Lollie and Grandpa in Victoria, his Grandma in Heaven and so on...  I couldn't help myself - I just cried tears of love for both of those boys.  One little one, who will never be short on love... and the big one, who  will never know just how much I love and appreciate him.

2. Jake went to bed tonight without even fussing - CRAZY!  Not a cry, not a whine, just quiet talking to himself and then quite sleeping baby...  You could have knocked me over with a feather! If only nap time was going so well!


  1. That is so awesome. You know Gma Ollie used to do that with us when we would stay over at her house as a bedtime routine.