Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 1

Wow.  Where did April go?

Our weekend started yesterday - Jess took off half day on Friday and we took Jake for is follow up with the urologist.  In the month since his surgery he has done fantastically!  The Doctor was very impressed by him and we get to take him off the antibiotics starting around my birthday and then another followup at the end of July!  I can't wait until we don't have to give him medicine anymore.

Today was SUPER packed!  Arnold (my bro) was in town and got to hang out at the house while we worked.  I feel a little bad for how not fun we are, but oh well!  Jess and Justin (our most wonderful neighbor who is leaving soon :(  ) worked on my car and fixed the rear end and the A/C - it is amazing how good a car can be when you do some maintenance on it!



While Jake and I played outside...



After everyone went to bed I cleaned out and organized the pantry...



It isn't glamourous, but I'm really proud!

Jess and I are both really making an effort to be a better family - we want to eat at home and eat healthier/smarter.  We are trying to take care of lots of things that have gone very neglected over the last bit, to really stay motivated.  The best part is that Jake is turning into such a busy body that he keeps us moving - literally.

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  1. Oh My Goodness Jake is really starting to look more like Jess! Cute kiddo!