Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hi. My name is Sara and I have a project addiction...

So those of you who know me well know that I am the queen of creating a HUGE creative project for any event I am involved in and waiting until the absolute last minute to complete said project. This Christmas was no exception to that rule - luckily I suppose I married a man who puts up with my addiction and in fact is quite the enabler. I suppose my saving grace is that I am really good at finishing projects - it may be right up to the wire, but they always get done! I can't disclose the particulars of this years project because many of you who read this might be receiving it, but it is really cool!

I thought it might be fun to recount some of my craziness...
- The wedding is a good one to start with - the whole thing from beginning to end was one big nutty project - from the hand made invitations, to the hand painted frames for every table, it was something else!

- One Christmas I baked for everyone.... fudge and cookies and I don't even remember what else. Everything had to be in a tin, so we drove all over creation looking for neat tins...

- There was also the Christmas of the homemade bows...

- I remember when I was a kid trying to melt crayons to make candles for gifts... lol.

- There was also the year that I went through my parents old photo albums and picked out a picture for every family member and then got a matching frame for it. That one was a real hit, except for when my parents realized I gave away a bunch of their pictures - oooops!

So even though I may be a little nutty I always mean well! With this years Christmas project all done I just have to sit and wait and pray that it or they or whatever get here in time! Maybe I should start thinking for next year now to avoid all the mayhem - of course then it probably wouldn't feel like Christmas.

Well I don't have any pics of those projects, but here are some pictures from the past...

Last Christmas...
Jake got more stuff last year than we did - and he wasn't even born yet.

I miss Mom.

This looks a little more like me...

Jake wore the blue set home from the hospital!

Jake is in there - I barely recognize myself!

Christmas '07

Christmas '06

This was when we moved into the our house on Christmas day - talk about craziness!!
Christmas '05

...Last but not least...

This is our first family Christmas picture!

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  1. I'm thinking that the last pic holds the evidence of your best project to date!

    Loved the pictures.