Friday, October 30, 2009

Time?! What is that again?

It has been the busiest, well... hmm... I don't even know how long, but I feel like I have been ridiculously busy for as long as I can remember! First the great news... I am going to be officially working for Apple come this Monday! Basically I was working for Volt, which is a temp agency that hires for Apple, but all they do is get you in the door, getting hired by Apple is all on you. So about 2 months after I started there was a job posting for my job via Apple, and I figured what the hey - I'll apply! Well while I was gone to Victoria for that almost 2 weeks they conducted interviews and I MISSED THEM! So AHHHHH! However, I managed to get my interview after I got back, and on Tues they offered me a job! The best part is that I will have rocking insurance - oh and job security!

So in Jake news... he's talking! Well, he's been babbling forever, but he has def mastered Da-Da and according to Jess he said Ma-ma while I was at work tonight - so while Jess was trying to get him to do it for me he says "Remember Mama - the one with the red hair and the boobies....". Gotta love how a man thinks (not to mention explains it to our 8 month old little man). I am hoping to hear Ma-ma tomorrow :). He is also crawling like a little speed demon, getting into EVERYTHING, loves outlets, and is pulling up and scooting around while holding onto stuff. I am dreading, but yet hoping he walks soon. Dreading because my baby is so not a baby anymore and I don't look forward to trying to keep up with him, but happy because he is freaking HEAVY now!

A couple of weeks ago Amanda Galbraith became Amanda Andrasko after tying the knot with Matthew! The wedding was wonderful and we had a great time at the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party!

Jake looked so CUTE!

The same weekend Wendy was in town for a different bachelorette party - she looks amazing btw!

I was going to make Jake a pumpkin costume for Halloween, but alas there is no time... there's never any time... (love Saved by the Bell)... Anyways, so he's going to be a pirate instead!


  1. I have been telling you for months that he was talking! You just didn't believe me!

    He is soooooooo precious.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for my precious Jake!

    I love you all!


  2. Oh my goodness, we are so right behind you! Olivia is going to be rolling over very soon...and talking even sooner I think. I miss you guys and hope we can find some time (YEAH, RIGHT.) to hang out soon. :-)