Monday, August 3, 2009

Working hard or hardly working...

...that is the name of the game in my world these days. I love working at Apple, it is so nice to actually be in a place that people are happy to be here and not everyone is looking for a new job. However, the training can be a little boring - I'm sitting around not doing a whole lot a LOT of the time, but I'm learning and feeling good about the future here.

Jake is adjusting pretty well - I think this is harder on me than it is on him. His sitter is keeping him at our house for now (hopefully forever) so that has made the adjustment a lot easier. At home is where I feel like I'm really working hard these days, just trying to keep everything going and get to bed at a decent hour is a little tough, but I think soon I'll be adjusted and I won't even remember what it was like before - of course then they will probably change my schedule again.

Brittany decided that she wanted to make Jacob's baby food so we spent the weekend trying to figure that out. The first batch was red bell peppers - Jake tried them last night and seemed to dig them, but I think we'll hold off on more of that until he has tried a few more things. I was pretty relieved at how easy it seems to make it yourself. You just boil/steam the fruit or veggies - we had to run the bell peppers through the food processor and then once they were pretty mushy run them through the baby food mill. After the food is good and mushy I pour it into ice trays and freeze them in the deep freeze - pop the cubes out and put it in a freezer bag with what it is and the date. Then I have neat little pre-portioned servings and I pop a couple into little tupperware containers and put them in the fridge to thaw. I don't think there is anything wrong with the jar food, but with Brittany's help I think we can save some money and we know exactly what he is getting. We'll see!!

Jacob is scooting around pretty well these days - not quite crawling, but making me have to think about baby-proofing - AHHHH!!!

Stay tuned for pics...


  1. Lucky! You get to work at an apple store!! Do they give you discounts? I would be in heaven.

    I made my own baby food too to save money. It was simple and easy and I only bought a few jars of baby food ever! Making it yourself really does save a lot of money. 2 squash can make a ton of ice cube trays worth of food. That is so sweet your friend is going to make it for you!

  2. I actually don't work in the store, which is a nice change b/c I have been in retail forever. I work at the Austin campus in a call center.

    If you have any baby food recipes or ideas please send them my way! Once we get past the single fruits and veggies I am going to be lost again!