Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My birthday!

It has been a crazy, wonderful, scary, busy, and exhausting several days! 

I think I will start with this weekend, which just so happens to have been my birthday! It all began on Friday when I met up with Lollie who was going to take the kids to Victoria for the weekend! Yay! They love to go and we love the break. Jess and I are so lucky to have his Mom and my Dad who are awesome and work together to keep the kids any and everytime we need them. They really are wonderful and I hope they know just how much we appreciate it. 

Wendy had planned mani's and pedi's at a nail place and a bunch of my girl friends were able to come! She had snacks, mimosa's, and the salon decorated and went all out for us. It was really really great! 

Then, we did a little shopping and headed out to get ready for my party! 

Jess had told me to wear jeans and comfortable shoes and it knew he had invited a lot of our friends, but I didn't know what we were doing. Boy was I surprised when we pulled up to Main Event! 

He seriously outdid himself! 

I was impressed at all the work he did to pull this together!  I was also so excited that so many of my sweet friends and family came out to celebrate, I don't know if I have ever felt to special and loved. 

We ended up singing kareoke (badly) at The Watertank and closing it down! 

Seriously, it was such a fun night! Thanks to everyone who came from all over to hang out with me!

I really want to thank W&K for leaving sweet little J with Lollie and Jacob and venturing out of town to party with us, I can't tell you how much that meant to me.

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