Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is harder than I thought it would be...

I started this blog and thought to myself that I would be busy with a new baby at home, but I didn't see why I wouldn't be able to write a little each night and keep everyone up to date... Well - HA! So far I have not done so good, but I'm going to do better! There has been a LOT going on here at the Kinnison Casa. Jacob is a growing like a weed - he's quickly growing out of his clothes! He is already over 11 lbs! Last week we started having some gas issues - which landed us at the dr's office last Thursday - the dr suggested Gripe Water to help ease the gas and I am here to tell you that product rocks!! While at the dr's office he noticed that Jake was wheezing a little, but since he didn't have a cough he wasn't worried about it. Of course over night he developed a cough. After ANOTHER visit to the dr it was determined he has an infection in his chest and we have to give him breathing treatments a couple of times a day, but I think he is starting to get better.

Today was Jess' 27th Birthday and Jacob turned 1 month old - while we didn't do too much to celebrate it does make me take a moment to look back on the past month and how much our lives have changed. Jake is simply amazing and beautiful - I find myself just staring at him trying to memorize every detail and hoping that I will always be able to remember this time, even though I know I probably won't. Jess is the best partner and father - I always expected him to be a great dad, but the love and joy he has for Jacob warms my heart like you would not believe. I know that I am so blessed and I don't even know what I did to deserve this life, but I am so thankful to be Jacob's mommy and Jess' wife.

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