Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let the tooting commence...

So tonight I am laying in bed trying to go to sleep and all I can hear is Jacob in his cradle next to me tooting up a storm! Which is wonderful because he is sleeping right through it and hopefully we won't have to work it out later on tonight when his is awake after a feeding. Poor little boy just has a heck of a time getting his own gas out - we have taken to giving him a combination of Mylicon and Gripe Water, which helps a lot - but I just hate having to medicate him!

I decided I better get back to writing on here because he is growing up so fast I feel like I'm going to forget so much! Within the last 2 weeks he has started to smile in response to things - so when you are talking to him in a happy voice you can typically get a little grin. He still doesn't smile in recognition, but it's coming soon! Jess weighed him at bath time tonight and he is about 14 lbs! His 2 month drs appt is next week so we will get the official length and weight then, but I just can't believe how big he already is. He also gave his Lollie (Jess' mom) a little giggle on Sunday at bath time - she was tickling him under his chin and talking to him about his granny beads and he let out a giggle twice - of course he wouldn't do it when I was listening, but I'm working to get another one out of him.

It looks like I will be headed back to work in the next couple of weeks. I am not at all ready to go and have been putting off even thinking about it for over a month now, but the time has come. I'm calling tomorrow, but from the people I talked to today it looks like they are looking forward to having me back and hopefully I will be coming off of the sales floor - which means a SET SCHEDULE! Send positive thoughts my way - this would be a wonderful thing for me if it works out.

Oh! Jake did attend his first wedding (Jess' cousin Katie - Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Gage) - it was a beautiful wedding at the church where Jess and I got married - felt like we were at home again. I love that church - I spent so much time there growing up that it just makes me so happy to be there... Anyways - Jake looked adorable in an outfit made by Laura - and he slept the ENTIRE time. Normally that would be great, except we had to drive home right after the wedding and he no longer wanted to sleep - which turned our trip into and 3 and a half hour one rather than the 2.5 hrs it normally takes.

We ordered a new fancy camera - so stay tuned for some great pics as soon as it gets here this weekend! I have started taking little video clips of him - again trying not to miss anything - so I'm going to try to start posting some of them as well.

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