Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Updates - July

My itty bitty, teeny weeny baby is not so itty bitty or teeny weeny anymore!  She's officially growing up WAY TOO fast!!

Here are some updates on what Miss Grace is doing these days:
-She smiles and laughs like it's going out of style
-She is trying DESPERATELY to tell me something, constantly talking, I can't wait to know what it is.
-She is still the apple of her big brothers eye - he is so sweet too.  He's definitely hit the terrible twos, but he loves to talk to her and try to get her to play games with him on my iphone (hehe).
-Grace is starting to work on getting mobile - she's scoot all around in her cradle and even try to roll over.
-She hold her head up and really enjoys tummy time.
-We recently started putting her in an exersaucer, which she LOVES!  As well as time in her bumbo!
-She is starting to enjoy playing with toys in general, but mostly likes to sit back and just watch the world go by.  (I'm told she is exactly like her Daddy was)
-She is still nursing wonderfully - has never even had formula!  I'm so lucky this came so naturally to her and to me.
-She SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!  I know - it really panicked me at first, but she is wonderful!  Most nights she goes to sleep at 10:30 or 11 and until 6 or sometimes later.
-Grace is still wearing mostly 0-3 in clothes, but 3-6 in PJ's.

Jake these days is a little pill!
-He was obsessed with Cars for a couple of weeks... but now he's moved on to Thomas the Train.
-Currently, he carries around all of his cars toy, a couple train toys, and a stuffed Mickey Mouse (that he calls Mickey Mouff)
-He has recently decided there are monsters EVERYWHERE, specifically in his closet.  Just today he told me there was an Eagle in his closet - I think I convinced him that Eagles live outside....  Hopefully!
-He learned his whole name - He says it like "Jacob a-kissin"
-He can count to 5 in spanish (and sometimes higher)
-In English (most of the time) he counts 1, 2, 3, 7, 8.  I'm fairly certain he knows that isn't right, but he's mostly just stubborn.
-He is learning emotions - so we hear lots of "Debah MAD" or "You happy Mommy? Debah happy!" He only called himself Jacob when you ask his name, otherwise he still calls himself Debah.
-He's wearing 4T and I have a feeling it's time to start looking at size 10 shoes!

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