Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's only been a couple of years...

So, I decided I wanted to start recording our life again, but I wasn't sure if I should start over, or just pick up where I left off. I have been putting this off for a while, then tonight I read some of my past posts and fell in love with this blog all over again. I love all of the stories and info about the kids, I enjoy the fact that I have the birth stories written somewhere, and I have realized that while Facebook is a great tool, it isn't great at keeping my memories, but this is! So, prepare yourself, all 2 of you who read this blog, it is going to become active again! 

Here's a very quick update on what the Kinnison's are up to now - I am a full time photographer and stay at home mom, Jess is a manager of a roofing supply house, Jake is 5 years old and in a few short months will be starting Kinder, Gracie is 3 and will be starting preschool this fall, Layla is still such a sweet pup, and we now have a guinea pig, his name is technically Howie, but we mostly call him Guiney. 

This is us on Mother's Day, just a few weeks ago. 

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  1. Welcome back! Your kids are so cute!
    I blog for the sole purpose of our family memories (and for my family who lives all over the states to keep up with us). I have turned 2 years of my blog into a book using blurb. I plan to continue turning every 2 years into book and will treasure them forever.