Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kinder (aka The end of an era)

This week is our first week of summer, , our last summer before Jake starts real school. I have to admit, I am so very sad over the fact that my sweet boy will soon be in real school. I keep thinking about how much our lives will change in a few short months, gone will be the lazy mornings, sleeping in until 9am, gone will be our simple routines, our late nights, our baby boy. I know he isn't a baby, he hasn't been for some time now, but the idea of him being school aged is still so hard to believe.

As I sat at his new school last week for "Pioneer Camp", I couldn't help but tear up over my sweet boy spending his days with kids I don't know and a teacher he will grow to adore. He is about to venture into a big new world, a world that I am not the center of anymore, and gosh that is scary for this Momma. He is ready, I feel like he is equipped to do well, he is brave, excited, well mannered, he really is ready, but boy am I not. 

As parents, we spend our lives preparing our children to leave us, to grow up and be whatever it is they want to be, but I feel like no one warns you about how hard it will be to actually let them go. Yes, I know this is only kindergarten, but this is how it starts, our lives will never again be like they are right now. 

I'll leave you with a picture of my soon to be school kid from pioneer camp. 

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