Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21

Layla got out today... which for those of you who know Layla know that that is not really a common occurrence, but it did nothing to lessen the urge to take away the urge to ground her.

Here's the saga...

Jake and I were planning on going to see Daddy for lunch, so we were all ready to go, but I needed to put the car seat in the car. So I set Jake up with a drink and cartoons, but Buster in charge and stuck the baby gate in front of the kitchen to keep everyone safe. I ran out the garage, took 2 mins to latch the car seat in, walked around the car and there is Layla standing in the driveway. So I told her to get back in the house, but it was too late, she had smelled the great outdoors and she took off! I ran in the house, grabbed Jake, considered a stroller and decided there wasn't time to mess with that, then ran outside to wrangle Layla. She was such a toot! She wouldn't fall for any of the usual tricks - I sat down and pretended like I wanted to play with her, she got about 2 feet from me and Jake lunged for her and it was over. So after walking as calmly as possible behind her, trying to herd her back towards home, an angel appeared in the form of a lady walking out to her car! Of course, Layla, being the ever so friendly dog that she is runs for the stranger. So I holler over to her that Layla is very sweet and if she could grab her collar I would be forever grateful, and she did! WOO HOO!! She even offered me a leash for the journey back home! So me, hyper-just discovered freedom-crazy-dog, and 26+ lb baby Jake head back home - all the while I am giving Layla the silent treatment (hey she does it to us, I figured it would be effective than screaming at her). Once we arrived home I took some rawhides and treats, put them in a bag with the borrowed leash and wrote a thank you note...

At least she is safe and sound and I didn't murder her, but she is so grounded...


  1. Grounded from what?? She never goes anywhere!

    So sorry, but thank goodness for the 'angel'...

    (and I am sure Jake thought this was great fun, right?)

  2. She's grounded from cookies... It was tough to think of something that would matter to her. :)

  3. Oh and Jake did just LOVE chasing Layla all over the neighborhood!

  4. My Natty and Barclay are EXACTLY the same! They would run from me no matter what!! You would think that I abused them the way they run for freedom! They have a darn great life her as you know! They, too would go to a stranger first before coming to back to me.. . they are so excited to see other people and animals, social butterflies, they are!I have PAID neighborhood kids $2 dollar bill rewards for catching mine!! I can sympathize and I know I couldn't pack a 26 pound baby while trying to catch them! lol!