Monday, April 5, 2010

April 1

Today is April Fools Day and it went completely unnoticed in my world - which is kinda sad because I love a good practical joke...

I was worried we would not get to leave today because the night was a little rough.  Jake threw up several times and just couldn't seem to settle, finally at about 4 AM we gave him some strong pain medicine and everyone got some much needed rest.  Apparently people were in and out of our room really early that morning and for the most part I didn't even hear them - which is scary, but luckily Dell Children's is an AMAZING hospital that took fantastic care of us and our precious little guy.

Jake was up and walking the halls by late morning and then in afternoon we were on our way home!

I am SHOCKED at how quickly he improved - still on the pain medicine, but all in all you can hardly tell that he had surgery just yesterday.

By bedtime it was a slightly different story...


...this was after he threw up on Lollie twice.

He was plum tuckered out!

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