Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 23

I know that I am quite a fun and exciting person and you are all dying to know how I spent my Friday night????

Jess had organized a poker night at our house - YAY!  

Unfortunately, everyone bailed.

So, I spent the night cleaning out my car my the light of a shop light.  Wow, huh?

The best part of the whole night??  

Take a look at this refashion....


As I have mentioned before, once upon a time I was a flooring estimator, which means I drove all over the Austin and surrounding communities measuring houses for new flooring.  It was fun, hard and I miss it.  I had all kinds of gear - including the organizer pictured above.  I have tried to pawn this thing off on several people, but no takers!  I am so glad I kept it!  

Now, I can easily organize Jake stuff and if someone wants to ride with us I just grab it and throw the whole thing in the way back.  

I seriously feel a little awesome because of this.  

I owe my new found interest in keeping my car clean to Alexis (Jess' cousin and my friend).  She has a tiny baby and I happened to take a peek in her car the other day and was FLOORED at the emptiness of it - so clean and tidy - it was AMAZING.  I decided right then and there I would do better.  

Anyone need a ride?  I've got a clean car and room to spare!

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