Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 21

Something I saw today really struck me as... well... important.  Or at the very least something I wanted to share.

I was driving to work this afternoon after dropping the munchkin off at the sitter when I notice what almost looked like a police car pulled over, but there was no other car or lights or anything.  I was already quickly checking my speed, putting my phone away (so that he wouldn't see that I had just been making a call in a school zone), and wishing Jess had already gotten my car inspected when I figured out that it was just a security guard - WHEW!

What I saw next was really what caught me off guard - he was out in the middle of the road stomping out a grass fire - WHAT?!  With all the rain we have had I was pretty surprised, but then I thought to myself what an amazing person that must be, to pull over on a relatively busy road and take it upon yourself to stop what could have been a HUGE mess.  He could have kept driving and assumed someone else would take care of it, that's probably what I would have done (I was in flip flops after all!), but no he stopped.

I just think that is a pretty amazing thing.  The compassion of people in this world always makes my heart swell a little.  I never will forget several years ago I was in a wreck (not my fault!) and was just sitting in the middle of the road in my car, completely unnerved, when several complete strangers told me to put it into neutral and pushed me, in my car, into a parking lot and then stayed with me until the police came.  I was totally fine, just really upset, but total strangers were there none the less.

So, if you see someone in need tomorrow - help them out!

You never know who might be watching...

Ya know, Santa and such.  :)

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  1. I am glad you made this post as I enjoy hearing about "Random acts of Kindness". Sometimes angels take the form of humans (people) to accomplish their purposes so why not we, humans take the form of angels to accomplish "higher" deeds? Makes sense to me.