Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19

Today I was the person who everyone hated in the checkout line, and I kinda hated myself a little bit because of it.

We are trying to be frugal, but I didn't have anything to drink at the office so I stopped over at Walgreens on my way to work, but you have to be careful at Walgreens because the prices can be high, unless you catch things on sale.  Today was my lucky day - they had the soda and candy that I wanted on sale!


Unfortunately, you have to watch them because they OFTEN don't have the sale prices in the register, which of course they didn't have the soda price.

So, I kindly inform the sales lady of the price - she looks at me like I am crazy, but asks another girl, who confirms that that is the price.  This is where the trouble really starts, I'm not sure how long this associate had been working the register at Walgreens, but the technology part of it was really giving her trouble and it took her several tries to fix the price.


Not quite...  I had to go and make matters more complicated.  In an effort to control my spending I had gone into the store with $2 and a gift card for $1.04 that needed to be used up, and I had mistakenly gone 10 cents over my budget.  So, I ask the lady to remove something - she again looks at me like I'm crazy, but does it.

There's a line behind me now and they are really starting to look annoyed.

So, I quickly hand her my gift card with $1.04 and tell her that is has that much on it - she swipes it and it doesn't work.  At this point I am wishing I could just abandon the whole fiasco, but I've already caused this much drama so I knew I had to see it through.

I explain that there is only $1.04 on the card, but there is money on there.  The other associate from before is trying to help the nicotine desperate guy behind me find his particular smokes, but has to stop and help ring through my gift card and it works (the 2nd time she does it).  I am apologizing to everyone at this point, but I know we are in the home stretch!

I hand the lady my $2 and my change drops out of the little machine next to register, it's 20 cents short, but I just don't care anymore - I grab my purchases and run!

I don't think I can ever go back to that Walgreens again.


  1. Don't feel bad. People need to learn to be more patient. :-)

  2. I was talking to Dad about this "incident" and realized I am so my mother's daughter - she would have done the same thing, except she wouldn't have let them short change her the twenty cents! :)