Monday, April 5, 2010

March 31

Today was an amazing, scary, surprising, funny, exhausting, and wonderful day.

Today was surgery day and it has been confirmed that I have a completely perfect son and fabulous family.  

It started at about 4:30 this morning - we had to be at the hospital EARLY and we were a few minutes late, but Dell Children's is an amazing place and it didn't matter at all.

I had really been stressing about the total freakout that would happen when I had to hand Jake to the people in the OR, and it seemed like it was going to be bad when he was already wigging out while we met with all the Doctor's beforehand, but I remembered they could give him something to calm him down and asked for that and WOW! It was like the kid was having the best day of his life (and a little drunk), he was just looking at me and giggling over nothing.  I handed him to the Doctor and he giggled at her, it warmed my heart and made what could have been a terrible moment into a hilarious one.

Then we waited and waited and waited...

They called us into meet the Doctor - and we waited almost another HOUR! That was the most terrifying time of our lives, all Jess and I could do was try to stay calm. When she finally came in we found out that everything was fine the whole time, they just called us back too early!

Everything went PERFECT!  Dr. Sweeney said he cracked them up before they put him under... leave it to Jake to charm the OR before his surgery.

We eventually made it into his room - most of that time was spent with him sleeping on someone because he refused to be put down, but I can't blame him for that.  Luckily, we had reinforcements in the way of my Dad and Jess' Mom.

Jake was such a trooper - he was fussy and threw up on Lollie and myself, he did not rest well in the hospital, but none of that even matters in the end because he is whole and perfect.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and positive support - I could not ask for a better support system!

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