Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 10

We need to put new floors in our house!  Jess and I have decided we LOVE LOVE LOVE the laminate in Will and Kristi's house. I somehow did not get any pictures of it, but I took some with their camera so I will steal one as soon as they are up on facebook.  It is an Antique Cherry laminate that is JUST rustic enough to be beautiful without looking like you live in a barn.

We didn't finish them today, but we got them started off and they should be able to finish it tomorrow.  

While we were driving to and from their house (they live out in the country-ish) I saw this field of wild flowers that was just GORGEOUS. 

I don't think my pics do it justice, but here are a few...  




I almost forgot - Layla went to the beauty parlor and got her summer cut - isn't she just adorable with the little bow?!?!  (She wouldn't cooperate to take a pic, Jess claims it was because she was embarrassed over the bow)



  1. oh my goodness that field of wild flowers is gorgeous!!! I want that in my backyard!

  2. Lovely lovely flowers! I like Layla's hair cut. I should have that done to my Martin. Minus the bow. :) - Trina