Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February 28

ORGANIZATION - how I love thee...  unfortunately I am somewhat lacking in the execution of my passion.  I am however always working to improve that!

If you have ever been to my house you have probably noticed the GIANT pile of mail sitting on the counter. This pile has been my arch nemesis for years now, I go through all of the mail and clean it off and then life happens and the mail gets ignored and our lovely pile reappears.  Recently the pile has started to bug Jess - Wahoo!  Yippeee!!!  Why would the fact that something bothers my hubby make me so happy you ask?  Simple, then he helps me DEAL WITH IT!

So Jess started going through the mail on his own - I could have kissed him!  Well, I think I probably did.  Anyways, so we spent the weekend going through the mail and then on today I was able to utilize a shelf I pulled out of my next door neighbors trash (I'll try to take a pic of it later), to organize all the bills and papers and what not. Then, I used our label maker to label all of the drawers!  YAY!!

After that satisfying organization moment Jess and I decided to make this year the "YEAR OF ORGANIZATION" - it's a lofty dream, but with Jake around it seems like we need more method to the madness.

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