Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 20

Yesterday we were in shorts - today WINTER WEAR!

Happy First Day of SPRING!

I decided a while back that I wanted to do more "family" stuff on the weekends since it is our family time.  It is really easy to let ourselves get busy with house work and running errands on Sat, but I trying just to let that stuff go and really enjoy our time as a whole family since it is so rare these days.

We got up and the rain was clearing off and so we decided to go to the San Antonio Zoo!  I had brought it up at poker night the night before and our neighbor thought her kiddos would have a blast and so we caravanned to San Antonio and had an exhausted, but fantastic afternoon at the Zoo.

It was 5 kids to 3 adults, we almost lost them a few times, but all in all they are great kids that know to watch out for each other in a busy place and we were able to keep everyone together.

Here are the 4 Mitchell kids (the youngest is hiding behind the statue)


Daddy and Jake looking at the flamingos!


Jake did not really want to be in his wagon...


He loved the FISH


This was my favorite animal of the day!


Look closely - there's a lion back there!


The boys wanted to get closer to the animals...


Slave labor.


Us with a couple of sneaky girls!


The Mitchell's


FUN DAY!  But man were we tired!

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