Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9

Jake hasn't been sleeping through the night lately, which is really wearing me out.  Last night he work up about 2, I got him back to sleep and back in his bed and by the time I was comfortable in my bed he started up again.  So I start kicking Jess - HIS TURN!  He grumbles and starts to consider getting out of bed, then I start praying and sure enough he starts to settle.

Thank you Lord!

Jess rolls over and goes back to sleep and I sat quietly listening to my sleeping baby breathe.  WHEW!

When I get home from work tonight I am to spend the rest of it getting ready to celebrate the birth of an AMAZING man - my hubbs!  We both have to work, but I always make him breakfast and dinner on his birthday so tomorrow will be no exception!  He does most of the cooking in our house, so it gives him a day off and (I hope) reminds him of how much I adore him.

I'm praying in advance that my munchkin will make it through the night, either way I made him an appt tomorrow just to make sure his ears are clear and the only thing giving him trouble are those pesky molars.


  1. Co-sleeping saved (and is saving) my sanity during the many night-time wakings! Hope it gets better soon. I know it's so draining.

  2. Sara--DO NOT CO-SLEEP!

    You will never get him out of your bed! It is a bad habit to start, and seemingly impossible to break. Tough it out. The teeth will come in. He'll learn how to self-soothe, and you'll get your sleep back. It could be just temporary. Trust me on this--his routine of waking up multiple times is going to last far less time than his wanting to be in your bed.

  3. @ Jennifer - It's tough, but this too will pass! I just can't handle co-sleeping though, I'm still too nervous that I'm going to roll over on him or push him out the bed to get any decent rest myself. The good news is last night he made it until about 5 - so I'm keeping the faith that this is a phase! Your new baby makes me want another one so bad, but I an trying desperately to remind myself of how much WORK it is, but it is hard to ignore how adorable and amazing they are.

    @Edith Ann - no worries - see above. :)