Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 23

With Jake's big surgery quickly approaching I have been obsessively trying to prepare - I know it is silly, but preparing is the way I deal with things.  

The more prepared I feel the better I cope.  So, I went out and bought some comfy play sets for Jake that are 1 piece (so that if his incision is uncomfortable there won't be any clothes pressing on it) and I had been wanting to get a Doctor set to play with and I found a brand new set at a resale shop.

He gets really upset when his dr listens to his heart and looks in his ears and stuff, so I figured maybe if we did it in play it would upset him less.  It might not, but I'm willing to try anything!

Also, on Sunday we are going to do a tour of the hospital where he is having surgery.  The hospital breaks up the kids into age groups and then I think does a tour to ease the kids into the idea in a non threatening way. 

I'm breaking out some of his new toys from his bday (I've been holding onto them to cycle them in throughout the next few months) along with some things he already loves and packing them to go with us in case he is in the mood to play with something.  I wish he had some kind of comfort item, I've been thinking about giving him Jess' old cell phone to take into surgery with him, but I don't know.

So his surgery is a week from today, first thing in the morning and I definitely need everyone out there in the blog world to pray for my little boy...  he's a real trooper and this will probably be harder on Jess and I than it is on him, or at least that is what I hope.

This picture is from when he got his very first infection and we discovered the reflux:



  1. That's tough to know he's going into surgery. But, I'm sure he will do just fine! I love the pic of him with the rag on his forehead. He's SO adorable!

  2. You know that Grande and I will and ARE, praying! The surgery must be done to get Baby Jake from ever having anymore problems and infections with his little bladder. You are all in my thoughts and prayers and they will continue. I think you are doing a fine job of planning and preparing! I think that is wisdom! We love you all and Baby Jake is going to be well taken care of by the "Great Physician" and his Very Special Guardian Angel!