Monday, March 15, 2010

March 12

Today we had an appt to meet with Jake's urologist to go over the tests that he has has done in the last couple of months.

You are probably wondering why Jake even has a urologist - well when he was about 6 months old he woke up in the middle of the night running a super high fever, but didn't have any other symptoms.  After several hours in an after hours clinic on a Sunday we discovered he had a bladder infection - not something a little boy that age would get so they referred him to a urologist.

After a few tests his Dr. was able to tell us that he has Grade 4 Reflux on the left side - which basically means the urine travels from back to the bladder from the ureter on that side, it wasn't the worst it could be and kids typically out grow this so we decided to wait and see.  In the past 6 months he has had 2 additional infections and a series of other tests.  We figured he would need to be circumcised and we were totally prepared to do that (apparently there indeed IS a medical reason to circumcise a baby boy), but that isn't quite the info we got.

They did another ultrasound and then we met with the Dr, who told us that Jacob's little kidneys have already been damaged by the reflux and that he needs major surgery to repair the reflux before any more damage is done to the kidneys.

So, in around a month Jake will have a surgery and have to stay in the hospital at least overnight.

I'm trying not to be panicked, but it's tough not to be.  Of course I know he will be fine, he's a tough little boy and they do these all the time - in fact my cousin Kimberly had the same procedure done when she was in Jr. High or so, but this is my baby and I'm scared for him.

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