Monday, March 8, 2010

March 6

Today was put in the new doors day!!!!  It's kind of like a holiday and the Kinnison household...  unfortunately, it is like a holiday gone wrong.

About a year ago (possibly longer) Jess bought brand new doors for the whole house, but they still needed the holes drilled for knobs and hinges and everything so they have been sitting in our garage for the last year. Considering this year is the YEAR OF ORGANIZATION, Jess roped Jason into helping and was going to put the doors in today.

Door #1 - Jacob's room - Jess decided to start on his own and was almost done when Jason and Drew arrived to help - they hang the door and it is PERFECT! Looks amazing, swings perfect... Amazing.

Door #2 - Guest Room - 3 men, all with lots of woodworking knowledge, somehow manage to screw this one up beyond comprehension.  I'll have to post a picture, it's too hard to describe without a picture.

Door #3 - Guest Bathroom - they just gave up on this one halfway through...

So, we have one door done, many to go...  but we did have lots of laughs over them. :)

Oh but while the guys were working I was able to do more cleaning/organizing...  maybe by the end of the year the house will look better....

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